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The current Chairman Mr. LIAN CHAI KAO, a third generation tea manufacturer of KING NAN CHAN ENTERPRISE CO., continues to use traditional methods as the basis of their tea processing.

Under his leadership, the company is devoted to exporting tea as their primary direction, with main export products such as Formosa Oolong tea, Pouchong tea, Tekuangin Tea and Black tea among other products.

The main countries to which we export include Japan, U.S.A and Europe....etc.

Prior to the founding of KING NAN CHANENTERPRISE CO., the company was operating under the name TAI SHIANG TEA CO.,LTD, which was established in 1966.

Due to personnel changes, the company was officially reorganized in September 1999, where upon KING NAN CHAN ENTERPRISE was incepted to continue with export operations.

In 2015, the fourth generation successor Mr. HSIU CHEN KAO took over and continues formally doing external business as TAI SHIANG TEA CO., LTD. Additionally, he created his own brand 「KAO TEA」, with the goal to be a Wonderland of tea, to offer our customersthe tea knowledge and wonderful tastes of tea.